Lockdown Survival Guide | Sponsored by Global Church

Lockdown Survival Guide | Sponsored by Global Church

Let's say it as it is, 2020 is weird! With everything that has happened, lockdowns and the world seemingly grinding to a halt, it's super tempting to just sink into your bed, binge on Netflix and wish the hours away until normality resumes.




That's why we threw together our top ten tips to help you move from surviving lockdown to thriving in it! We hope you enjoy them!



Find your Groove!


Nothing can fix up your mood better than a good playlist. Stock up on some tunes that put a smile on your face & bring you energy, and blast them out morning, noon & night! We recommend using songs that remind you of better times or mean something to you. There's no shame in blasting out some Cascada on a Thursday morning!



Find your next 'so good I had to read it twice' book!


Make sure it's something inspiring, entertaining or encouraging (or all three!), and challenges you to grow! Just because a lot of the world seems to have ground to a halt, it doesn't mean that you have to.



Regain control of your Social Media


Purge the accounts that drain, follow some people who flood your feed with good vibes and give it a limit! Social media can be great, but it can also cause serious FOMO, so give it a break and leave your devices in a different room from time to time!



Get out and about


Grab a takeaway coffee and head out into the fresh, Autumn air... it's good for the mind, body & soul! It will give the legs a stretch, the brain a chance to think a bit more clearly, and your soul chance to refresh and recharge!



Start something new


Ask yourself, what's the one thing I have always wanted to try but never did?! With more time comes more opportunity to learn a new skill or start a new habit... who knows, a future business could be born amid this lockdown!



Spring Clean (in Autumn!)


Only keep items that you LOVE or that you use regularly - donate everything else to charity/a friend! A good declutter of the house can be a good declutter for your mind. With us spending so much time in our homes, we will really feel the benefits.



Keep in contact


Community is VITAL! Re-connect with old friends in new ways like house parties or zooms, or go for a walk and catch-up!





There's ALWAYS something to be celebrated, whether it's birthdays, anniversaries or small wins... anything! Find the things and people you are most grateful for and celebrate them!





We all know 2020 hasn't panned out as we had planned, but that doesn't stop you from forming the 2021 bucket list and dreaming into all the things you want to achieve next year!



Tune in on a Sunday!


Right now as a church we are getting our weekly dose of good vibes with our online service. Live on Youtube at 10.30am every Sunday, we enjoy powerful worship & life-changing messages, all from the sofa! You are more than welcome to join us, just search Global Church on Youtube (you never know, it could be your 'new thing!')