President Intro: Jenny Marchant

President Intro: Jenny Marchant

Hi everyone, welcome to my re-introductory blog to the Students’ Union! In case you haven’t seen me dotted around campus this year, I’m Jenny, the current President of Education, and I’m lucky enough to be continuing into my second year in post!

Before I go into my aims in the role I thought I’d tell you a little bit about myself. I’m 21, I’m from the North West, and I studied Religion, Philosophy and Ethics at the University. Whilst I was a student at York St John I was heavily involved in the Students’ Union. I was an Academic Rep for 2 years, the Chair of Humanities, Religion, and Philosophy, and also a member of the Tennis Club, the Art & Design Club, and Ultimate Frisbee. In my spare time I usually enjoy hanging out with friends and spending my time in the lovely outdoors. Lockdown has changed that slightly, however. Most recently I have enjoyed baking, cycling and reading lots of books.

My role consists of representing you and your education, I help the University create educational provisions that benefit students, look after the Academic Representation system, and lobby for change within your education. I ran for the role because I’ve always had an interest in representation and democracy. This began when I joined my local Youth Council aged 14, lobbying for better provisions for young people. I then was a part of my college leadership team, and following on from this had my roles at University. I love being able to make beneficial change for students.

Onto my aims for the next year! It’s been really fun working at the Union for a year, and I feel really inspired and determined to continue to make change for students in the next academic year. I have written below my priorities for the year.



My manifesto

Stress Less

I want to work with the University to promote a better understanding of student mental health, how staff can best support students, and encourage a healthy work/life balance for students whilst obtaining their degrees.


Sustainable Education

Both the University and the Students’ Union need to recognise the footprint we leave on the environment. I want to work with the University to ensure we are doing all we can in the education sector to improve sustainability.


Student Voice

The student voice should be at the forefront of the Universities agenda. I want to forge a partnership that enables you to take charge of your education, have your say, and feed into any decisions the University make.


Lecture Capture

With an increasingly diverse student population, and an increase in distance learners, I want to lobby the university to implement lecture recording. This will provide additional support to those who are not always able to travel to campus, and act as a great study aid to recap what was covered in class.


Inclusivity and Accessibility

I want to ensure that students of the University with additional needs receive the support they need to fully access all of the educational opportunities the University offers, and promote the services available.



I’m really looking forwards to being able to continue projects I’ve been working on this year, and also create new provisions and create change for students. My manifesto aims this year are shaped around personal passions of mine, so I can’t wait to crack on and help improve the student experience.

If anyone has any question or wants to get in contact a bit more about my role please do get in contact via email ([email protected]).