Jamie’s Semester 1 Highlights

Jamie’s Semester 1 Highlights

As we come to the end of our first semester, we thought it’d be nice to share some highlights of the year so far! I’ll try to keep it short and sweet because otherwise everything would make it in this list!

Welcome Week:
One of my favourite parts of the semester so far has to be the welcome period. Seeing the campus full of students again was amazing and it was great to see the work that the staff at the Students’ Union put in over the Summer come to life. 
Of course I couldn’t do a highlight list without mentioning graduation. Not only did I get to celebrate my own graduation and be the mace bearer for some of the other ceremonies but also getting to see everyone else celebrating after all the uncertainty of the pandemic was an incredibly proud moment. I’m already excited for our February celebrations.
BUCS Wednesdays:
After a long period without regular fixtures on a Wednesday, I’ve really enjoyed being able to get back out and watch our sports clubs competing against other universities during BUCS Wednesday competitions. I’m excited to see how well you all do in semester 2!
Dance Showcase:
Another celebration of our fantastic clubs, the Sabbs were lucky enough to be asked to host YSJ Dance’s annual winter showcase. It was a great night and despite me not knowing anything about dancing (other than in Revs) the routines and performances were amazing and really sums up why I’m proud to be SU President.
London Campus:
Back in September the Sabbs all got the opportunity to finally get down to our London Campus and meet the students studying down there. It was a great opportunity and good to see our London Campus thriving so much they need a new premises!
Working with the new officer team:
And finally, I’ve had such a good time working alongside the new officer team, Aimée and Chris. They’re both incredibly passionate about the work they do and they’ve brought so much enthusiasm to the role. I’m excited to see what they achieve in semester 2. 
There’s plenty more I could talk about but I’ll leave it there for now! Have a wonderful Christmas and we’ll see you in January.
Jamie x 
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