Jamie’s February Update

Jamie’s February Update

Hi again everyone. Another month down, another month (hopefully) closer to being reunited and another blog update.


February was a busy month, full of ups and downs for me both personally and professionally but as always, the YSJ support and spirit helped pull me through. Here’s a brief update on what I got up to throughout the month. As always I won’t get into too much detail, if you want to know more feel free to message me or email me.



Possibly the biggest part of my February was the annual SU elections. It was my third time running as a candidate and I was absolutely delighted to be re-elected as your President. I cannot wait to get started alongside the new team, Chris and Aimee. Congratulations to everyone elected.


Student Activities Zone:

Early in February, I hosted an activity zone to try to gather some feedback on how we as an SU can better support our Sports and Societies and their members to increase engagement and ensure we’re providing opportunities for interaction and socialising. We got some really constructive feedback which fed into the agenda for Sports and Socs council.


Student Council:

Your elected representatives met in February to talk about issues that impact you. Your Post-Graduate and Mature Officer, Chris brought forward a motion to lobby for the removal of post-graduate enrolment fees. Several lapsed policies were also voted on. These meetings are integral to the democracy of the Students’ Union and I’m proud of the team for their hard work.


Sports and Socs Council:

The newly created Sports and Socs Council met again in February to discuss issues affecting our clubs and their members. Information from the activity zone was brought forward as well and several policies were discussed. All in all a very productive session and the council is really beginning to show that it was necessary to set up.


Governing Body Meetings

As President of the Students’ Union, I’m a member of the University Governing Body and February was full of Governing Body responsibilities. I had a 121 catchup with the Chair of Governors, Dame Julia Unwin to discuss ways she can support the SU and the student body. We also had meetings of the Finance & Capital Development Committee and People Committee. Very exciting stuff…


Students’ Union / Exec Board Meeting

Once every 6 weeks, your Sabbatical Officers meet with the University Executive Board to discuss pressing issues. It’s a vital way that we feed your concerns back to the VC and the Executive Board and helps to form the basis of big wins such as the Safety Net. We met this month to discuss current issues and feedback from our zones.

BUCS Yorkshire Sabb Meeting

Finally, I met with other Sabbatical Officers across Yorkshire to discuss issues relating to BUCS and the potential for more activity following the Government’s roadmap to normality. Hopefully I’ll be able to provide more updates on this soon.


Thanks for reading, as always, it’s been a busy month and if you want to know more or ask me anything please get in touch. I’m delighted we have another 18 months together now! See you soon,


Jamie x

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