How to Smash the Day (Not Literally) | Sponsored by Global Church

How to Smash the Day (Not Literally) | Sponsored by Global Church

We’re back with our top tips for productivity. A big part of moving away from home and finding your own groove with studying and work is about your personal development and effectiveness. How easy is it to spend a day flicking through books and lectures without taking anything in? We’ve all been there

Here’s a game changer for you though - the more focused you are and the better you work, the more time and space you will have for fun. Getting organised and efficient in your working habits is essential to freeing up quality time with friends and doing the things you love.

So don’t leave it all to the last minute - start working on your productivity now. Let’s talk about some quick keys on how to smash the day (not literally).


1) Find your groovy groove (aka routine)

Ah yes, the dreaded R word. But there’s a reason for it. Your body and mind naturally creates rhythms and rituals each day. Take out the city lights and artificial screens that disturb and prolong our sense of time and we would probably all start to align to the patterns of the sun. Can you imagine?

Just going to bed and getting up at the same time will have a massive impact on your productivity. It’s not always possible of course if you’ve been out late but try to keep a regular routine as much as possible. Your body and your mind will thank you for it!


2) Stay hyper hydrated

Your body is like 1000% water (ok maybe it’s more like 60% but you get the idea). Keeping yourself topped up and refreshed is essential to a clear and focused mind. You’d be surprised what a difference it can make. Why not start the day with some delicious H2O? It’s vegan, gluten free and even organic. It’s all the rage and will totally help in your quest to smash the day (again not literally).


3) Silence your smart devices

Every time we shift from task to task, we use up a bit of our mental energy for the day. Our beloved smartphones do this every time a notification comes up or when we check Instagram for just a second. The time it takes for us to adjust back to studying is much greater than we realise.

Even better, use something like ‘Do Not Disturb’ or ‘Airplane Mode’ on iPhone. And then have some designated time to fully chillax and message your mates too of course.


4) Take a cheeky break (and maybe have a Kit Kat?)

Who can complain about this point? Taking regular breaks is key to hitting reset and prolonging your focus. Nobody can focus forever and yet we can easily while away time staring at a screen, looking for inspiration. Better would be to take a cheeky break.

If you can, go out for a quick walk in the (potential presence of) sunshine. It’ll clear your mind and give you a new lease of focus.

If you’re wondering where’s good to check out in your brand new city then we might be able to help. We’ve put together a cheeky little guide to what we think are the seven greatest wonders of the city of York. From artisan coffee to gorgeous gardens and indie cocktails - you’ll find everything you need to know about settling into this fine city in this handy little PDF guide. It’s called THE HIDDEN GEMS OF YORK.

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We hope your time at uni is full of both focus and fun! Enjoy it all!

The Global Church team x