News | YSJSU Gets Healthy Part 1!

News | YSJSU Gets Healthy Part 1!

We all do it… set the ‘lose weight’ & ‘get healthy’ New Year’s resolution, and do about a month, give in, and then start to panic pre-summer! Well we at YSJSU are exactly the same, so we decided to get healthy, well three of us!

Around this time, our friends at Emperors Gym got in touch, asking whether any of us would like to do a month of Gym Membership, coupled with a weekly PT session to speed up the process! Three of the staff jumped at the chance, and have agreed to do a weekly blog so you can follow our progress!

With that in mind, here is a little summary of the first week:

“With no idea what to expect, the PT session was hard work, having not been to the gym on a regular basis for a couple of months it definitely worked the muscles. We were engaged in circuits for roughly 50mins with minimal breaks – tough but effective. But, since then I have attended twice to just have a go and get a sense of the gym. I have focussed mainly on cardio and weights, the bikes and cross-trainers are simple to use and resistances adjust dependant on the activity you take on. The variety of weight machines is good and provides you with a number of different exercise opportunities, whether you want to tone up, bulk up or generally let off some steam.  The gym itself provides a lot of hidden elements such as a resistance pool, spinning class, yoga and Pilates rooms too. In the coming weeks I’ll attempt to broaden my routines a little and report back on what these other areas are like.  On to week 2!” Paul Murtough – Student Voice Coordinator

“Everyone, EVERYONE, hates leg day! The first session was exactly that, with an abundance of squats, plenty of lunges, some box step ups & a bunch of burpees, ensuring a very slow walk home after! Mixed in with it was some upper body, meaning the whole body got that good ache for a couple of days! Since then, I have been varying it up, with some weight training, circuits, TRX training & plenty of time on my favourite the punching bag.  Having already lost a considerable amount of weight, I am just looking for the final push, and am enjoying (in the loosest sense of the word) the new challenge and different exercises!  Bring on week 2!” Matt Allton – Marketing & Communications Coordinator


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