General Meeting Information

General Meeting Information

On Wednesday 30 September at 5pm, we’re hosting a virtual General Meeting to approve the Students’ Union’s new Articles of Association.

General Meetings are important meetings of the members of the Students’ Unions. In this meeting, we’ll be presenting our new Constitution – the Articles of Association. The Articles are legal documents that have to be reviewed and agreed every five years. We need your help to do this.

Over the last 12 months we’ve rewritten the Articles to make them simpler and more effective. You can find a summary of the changes we’ve made here.

The University and Charity Commission have agreed to the new Articles, so now we need the approval of you, our Members, to finalise them.

As an added incentive to clubs and societies, the clubs and societies with the highest attendance will win cash prizes for their club or society accounts. Let your members know to attend!

You can view the formal notice of the General Meeting here.


New Articles of Association

The Articles of Association are reviewed every five years. They have to be reapproved by the Students’ Union’s Members. Over the last 12 months, the Staff and Trustees of the Students’ Union have reviewed and amended the Articles to make running the Students’ Union simpler, and to make the documents which govern the organisation more effective. These important changes include the way Trustees are appointed and for how long, and the numbers required to call for and vote in referenda. You can read a summary of the changes we’re proposing here.

You can read the draft Articles of Association, to be approved at the meeting, here.

You can read the resolution to approve the Articles here.



If you can’t attend the General Meeting, don’t worry. You can appoint a Proxy who can attend and vote for you. You can do this by filling in this survey. Your vote will be recorded and Jenny Marchant, the President of Education, will cast the vote on your behalf.