President Intro: Emma Palmer

President Intro: Emma Palmer

My name is Emma, and I am your President of Wellbeing and Diversity (PWD) at York St John Students' Union!

I initially came to York St John to study BSc Sport and Exercise Therapy, however this has now transitioned into an MSci and I’ll be studying alongside this role next year. I love my degree and the amazing people I have met through it, I couldn’t imagine studying anywhere else!

Aside from my academic work, I’ve been a competitive swimmer for 13 years, and have represented YSJ at two BUCS swimming championships, meeting the most amazing group of people. Unlike most involved with the Students' Union, I didn’t actually join a sport or society until my third year, but honestly it turned out to be the best decision I could have made!

I wanted to give you a little info about me, my aims and interests so you can have a better idea of who is representing you for the next academic year!



My manifesto

Student Life

Each and every student at YSJ deserves to experience the most positive, exciting and inclusive development we can offer. Therefore, I want to work with the student services and Students' Union to provide this.

I want to give students somewhere to chill out and relax away from their accommodation and the University, whether this be on campus or virtual, where they can access signposting and information about the student services. Specifically, I will work with student funding as students are too often defined by overdrafts and counting the pennies. The student funding team have so much support to offer, from a food bank and bursaries to online money saving tips, and I am very keen to work with them to improve the awareness and accessibility of their services.


Scrap the Stigma

University life provides new, exciting and scary situations, and sometimes all that is needed is someone to talk to. I aim to be a point of contact within the Students' Union for any and all students should they need to talk, and from there I will work with you should you need to access any student services. I want to enhance the stigma free space at YSJSU, and arrange meetups for students in similar situations with the help of the Liberation Officers. I also really want to help re-identify the wellbeing team as more than just a counselling service, given that provide support and advice for anything you may need as a student.


Trash the Taboo

I want to open the conversation about traditionally “taboo” subjects such as racism, homophobia, sexual assault, transphobia, hate crime, poverty, alcohol abuse and drug use, as these are all real issues that our students face. I aim to raise awareness of these issues and how they affect individuals and communities alike, running campaigns, focus groups and talks around these areas with the help of students and Liberation Officers.


One Big Family

For me, YSJ has always been a second family, and I want to ensure every student can have that experience. As someone who wasn’t a member of a sport until my third year, I know how isolating it can be to not be a member, therefore I wish to create more socials for like minded people who may not wish to join a sport or society. I also want to increase online services to facilitate this.



My aims for the year

  • To ensure all students have ease of access to student services via signposting from the SU, online services and points of contact throughout the University. Additionally working with the London campus to allow further integration for students studying there

  • To create a virtual and campus-based chill out zone for all

  • To ensure students who aren’t part of sports or societies can have the chance to experience the social aspect by arranging “bring a buddy” socials

  • Work with i2i to guarantee all their students have equal access to the Students' Union and activities on offer

  • Create additional mid-module and end of year review questionnaires to check in on student wellbeing throughout the year

  • We as a President Team wish to educate ourselves, our students and our staff regarding issues of hate crime, diversity and university mental health, working with the Liberation Officers and university staff to create a safe, welcoming and diverse campus for all



A bit more about me

The most important thing to know is that the way to my heart is through a CUP OF TEA and a good book. I’m more than happy to have a natter over a brew if you ever need, and more often than not I will be carrying a cuppa around with me.

I won’t lie, I’m a bit of an adrenalin fan, having been scuba diving, skydiving, abseiling, rock climbing and ziplining, with mountain biking becoming a regular occurrence at weekends (along with many bruises because I’m horrendously uncoordinated). I love anything that gives me a thrill, including music festivals and raves, and I can’t wait to get out dancing with you all, when we can. Doing a complete 180, I actually love my houseplants and meditation, trying to find my flexibility by doing yoga and carrying on swimming (when I can).

To all students old and new, I’m here for you, to represent each individual and your views, and I will have an open door to all. We at YSJSU aim to improve your experiences at university, and push you to challenge the world. I want to remind all students that you don’t have to do EVERYTHING at university, do what makes you happy and you will have an amazing time.  In a non-cheesy way, lets all be kind, helpful and united as a student body to make YSJSU, and YOU, the best it can possibly be

All my love, buzzing to get stuck in,

Em x