Aimée’s Semester 1 Highlights

Aimée’s Semester 1 Highlights

It's been a busy first semester as your President of Education. Here are my highlights from Semester 1!

At the start of the year I worked with the university to approve the new ‘Exceptional Circumstances Policy 21/22’, where students are now be able to self-certify for both physical & mental health reasons for 7 consecutive days once per Semester, instead of previously only once an academic year. I also worked with the Admissions, Recruitment & Finance teams at the University to reduce the enrolment deposit for PG students from £50 to £1 from Jan 2022 intake, reducing another barrier to education!

Working with PGR students has been high on my agenda & after open and honest discussions with staff and students, we have seen the introduction of a substantial range of new funding pots (over £25k) & student wellbeing opportunities to support PGR students being introduced by the Research office.

This Semester I worked closely with university staff & ILS to wider implement the new lecture recording system, which has initially been set up in larger lecture spaces across York & London campuses. I also visited the London Campus to meet staff and students, understanding further the concerns that London & international students face. The SU rep system has also now been implemented in London to close the feedback loop.

Our new Advice Coordinator, Chris, joined us in September, and we've been working closely to plan the launch our SU Advice Campaign in Jan 2022, to raise awareness of YSJSU's advice service to students.

I have also chaired the Green Week 2022 Steering Group this semester. We're putting many exciting, sustainable events and activities in place for March 2022 so keep an eye out next year!

As co-chair of the YSJ Awards Group, I have also worked with a team of staff and students to plan for the newly developed university end of year awards on the 30th May 2022, which is very exciting. 

In November, I launched my ‘Subject Spotlight’ campaign in collaboration with YSJ Library. This includes a monthly stand showcasing diverse perspectives on the chosen topic, as well as an online reading list for all students to easily access. So far we've had "Mental Health" and 'Memoirs" as featured topics.

I also held my first Education Zone in November, focusing on a ‘Return to campus'. I gathered feedback relating to students' on-campus academic experience, which was presented to Education Committee.

Finally, I had the pleasure of taking part in multiple events! From being a Mace Bearer for the 2020 Graduation ceremonies, attending the YAYA Awards in Bradford, a WW2 exhibition in the chapel, MPS’ Showcase, to hosting YSJ Dance’s ‘Festive Fiesta’, taking part in Run YSJ’s Cycleathon & attending the YSJ Levelling Up Launch. 

Have a great Christmas break. We'll see you in Janaury x

- Aimée 

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