YSJSU | Advice

YSJSU | Advice

YSJSU have launched our new Advice Service, dedicated to supporting students through difficult situations that they may face during their time at university.

We want you, the students, to know what support is available for you. Including simplified versions of the various situations/procedures you may find yourselves in, signposting to relevant wellbeing services, and signposting to external services that may be able to offer specialised guidance.
We hope that you will never be in the situation where you need to use our advice service, however if you do need us, you know where to access support and advice at the earliest opportunity.
How can our Advice Service help you?
YSJSU Advice Service is in place to support students who may find themselves in difficult situations. We offer free, independent, academic advice, relating to:
  • Appealing a decision
  • Making a complaint
  • Making an exceptional circumstances claim
  • Preparing for case consultations & reviews
  • Accompanying you to any meeting or panels relating to the above processes
Find more information on how we can help on our website.
We can also help signpost you to other external support services, shoud you need advice relating to finance, housing & wellbeing.
Get in touch
Christopher Prior – Student Advice Coordinator
Chris facilitates our Academic Advice service available for all YSJ students. He is available to help students find and access the services they need to make their time at university easier.
To make an enquiry, book an appointment with Chris or email [email protected] You will receive a response from Chris within two working days of an inquiry being made.
Chris's availability: 9am - 5pm Mondays & Tuesdays and 2pm - 7pm on Thursdays.
Aimée Yeoman - President of Education
Aimée works closely with students to ensure that they are receiving the best educational experience possible whilst studying at YSJ, making sure that they are represented, valued, and accepted within our academic community.
Aimée is dedicated to ensuring that all YSJ students are aware of and able to access the advice service that the SU offers to students, after realising that not many students are currently aware of the support that is on offer to them. When things get difficult in a student’s university experience, the SU is here to offer independent advice from the university, in the hope that we can support students to get the best possible outcome for their individual circumstances.
You can reach Aimée on social media and via email at [email protected] 
What can you expect from the YSJSU Advice Service?
Confidentiality – Students can be confident that we will not disclose any information about you or your case without prior consent/permission being given. We will keep accurate, up-to-date records of your case on our case management system – you can trust that there will be full confidentiality throughout the duration of you working with our SU staff team.
Empowerment – We want you to feel in full control of your individual situation and the case that you are working through with us. Our team will keep in contact with you as your case progresses and ensure that we consult you in every step taken so that you can make informed decisions about the best options for you moving forward. We will listen sincerely to what you have to tell us and respond to any queries that you have about the process.
Fairness, Inclusivity & Accessibility – Whether meeting virtually or in person, we are committed to treating students fairly and making sure that they feel included and respected at our SU. Staff members, you will work with will be professional, friendly, helpful, and will follow all processes correctly. We are also dedicated to ensuring that all students can access our services – we will support you in communicating with us in a way that fits you as best as we can. Finally, we will ensure that you know who you can contact and when.
Student expectations– You can help us deal with your case as effectively and efficiently as possible, by giving us the same level of courtesy that we will give you. Please treat all staff with the respect you would expect yourself, answer emails regarding your case in a timely manner, and provide us with sufficient notice when you would like us to act/advocate/support you.
Feedback – We are committed to developing & improving our advice service moving forward – please get in touch with us and let us know when things go well but also areas that might need improvement in our service. We’d like to listen, understand, respond and act when we could do better and we will use your feedback to improve how we operate.
Please complete our feedback form to let us know what you think.
For more information on what our Advice Services provide please check out our page on the website- 
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