Emma’s March Update

Emma’s March Update

Whilst I was off for a couple of weeks at the start of March, there’s still a fair amount to update you on!

York MP Rachel Maskell

Officers from YSJSU and YUSU met with York MP Rachel Maskell to discuss some of the issues faced by students at the current moment. We openly discussed the detriment to student life, such as reduction in social spaces, the ongoing mental health crisis, and anxieties surrounding the end of lockdown. This was live streamed on Facebook and received great reception from students and the public alike.

Mental Health Week Planning - Get in touch

The PWD role is very campaign heavy, so it will come as no surprise that a lot of my work is around campaign planning! I’m looking at what events we can provide for Mental Health Week 2021 (10th-16th May 2021), and am reaching out to some of our student mental health activists to work alongside the SU and university to plan and deliver resources and events for this week. If you want to get involved, drop me an email  - [email protected]

Post-Lockdown Anxieties

I’m also looking at what we can do to help ease any post-lockdown anxieties you may have (I know I have some!). As pubs begin to open, we’re looking to revisit our Plan Safe, Drink Safe, Home Safe campaign to provide you up to date, reliable information about planning your night and making it home safely.

Race Equality Charter

I sit on the Race Equality Charter, which has had several productive meetings in the last month, looking at how diversity and equality can be increased in the university, and what each of us can contribute to this. Our Race Equality survey has been completed by many of you, which is fantastic as this helps advise on what issues are currently prevalent, informing the charter about what needs to most attention from the university to ensure all students feel welcome.

Student Support Fund

The Office for Students gave the university £250,000 for students who are facing hardship regarding private housing, with several conditions which meant it needed to be spent by the end of March or the money would return to the OFS. I’m happy to say all the money was spent, with many students applying through the student support fund. The fund is still open for anyone to apply to, and all information about this can be found here.  

Farewell to Jenny

Sadly, our education officer Jenny has left us to move on to new, exciting prospects, which means that her work has been distributed between myself, Jamie and other SU staff. If you have any education concerns, don’t hesitate to email either of us or the SU inbox.

I hope everyone enjoys the sunshine whilst it lasts, and that you take some time to chill out in amongst completing your uni work.

As per, if you need anything don’t hesitate to get in touch and have a safe Easter x


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