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De-Stresstival: Achieving an Enriching Student Experience

Cassie Harrison shares how she will achieve a fulfilling student experience as a Post-Graduate student at YSJ.

De-Stresstival: Top Study Tips

Check out Jenny's top tips for learning from home in the current climate and how to take time for yourself.

De-Stresstival: Wellbeing Activities & Advice

As part of our De-Stresstival campaign, Emma has put together some useful resources to help you keep on top of your wellbeing.

De-Stresstival: Look After YOU In Lockdown

De-Stresstival is a period of promoting everything you can do to de-stress during lockdown. Here are Emma's top self-care tips to stay on top of your stress!

February 2021 Elections Notice

It's official! Here's the notice of our 2021 cycle of elections.

York School of Education, Language and Psychology Launch Virtual Christmas Market

Virtual Christmas market to help promote students' businesses.

Jenny’s November Update

What I’ve been doing in the last few weeks!

York Student Housing Tips | Sponsored by Blue Door of York

Advice on how to find the best student house.

Top Tips for House Hunting

A guide to begin finding your next student home.

Emma’s November Update

What I’ve been doing in the last few weeks!