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YSJSU #StopSpiking

Chris speaks about the work YSJSU is doing to assist in the prevention of spiking

Hate Crime Awareness Week X BHM

Chris talks about the importance of Hate Crime Awareness Week and the challenges we still face in the 21st Century with people who took advantage of the pandemic to voice their opinions.

Work Safe Together

Work Safe Together is a campaign that is focusing on student wellbeing to ensure you stay safe whilst being at YSJ

Black History Month Read & Watch lists

Kalen, our BAME PTO, has put together a Read and Watch List for Black History Month

Academic Rep Elections

Academic Rep Elections is running throughout the month and it is time to get involved with your department!

History of Black History Month

Take a look at how Black History Month came to be

By-Elections Notice

By-Elections for 2021 are coming up!

Black History Month

As we welcome October with it comes Black History Month... We have put together what to expect from Black History Month and the Importance of taking the time to educate ourselves in how we can support others all year round!

Jamie’s August Update

Here's an update of what Jamie got up to during August.

Chris’s August Update

Find out what Chris has been up to throughout August!