Freshers Week 2018 Events

15 Sep, 2018


It’s Arrivals weekend, and that means today is all about you getting settled in! Make sure you sign in, collect your keys & then head to your halls of residence, where you will meet some of our welcome helpers, who will help you get your car unloaded, and answer any questions you have!

Make sure you say a big hello to your flatmates, as well as anyone else moving in, they are probably the exact same cocktail of excited & nervous that you are.

We would also recommend that you get whoever is dropping you off to take you to the closest supermarket to ensure you are fully stocked up on everything you are going to need for your first few weeks.


We will be kicking off Freshers Week with a fantastic opportunity to hang out with your new friends, grab something good to eat & enjoy a couple of cold ones at the SU!

Doors will be open from 5pm, with the food starting around 6pm, so make sure you head down in plenty of time to avoid missing out!

Welcome Talks - Fountains Lecture Theatre
Percy’s Lane/ Grays Wharf : 18:00
The Grange/ St John Central: 18:20
Lord Mayor’s/ Student Castle/ Brickworks: 18:40
City Residence/ Limes Court: 19:00
University Managed Housing: 19:20
16 Sep, 2018


Officially kicking of YSJSU Freshers is the Block Party!

Starting around 6pm at the Students’ Union, we have a night of good food, cold drinks & live music! All night long we will have live bands on at the SU, as well as BBQs so you can grab some good grub! Then we will move on mass into the city centre for…


We will then descend on two of our official clubs, Salvation & Fibbers for one MASSIVE party! There will be several rooms, a tonne of different DJ’s playing the best tunes and plenty of drinks offers to be enjoyed, all to make sure your week starts with a BANG!

Welcome Talks - Fountains Lecture Theatre
Percy’s Lane/ Grays Wharf : 18:00
The Grange/ St John Central: 18:20
Lord Mayor’s/ Student Castle/ Brickworks: 18:40
City Residence/ Limes Court: 19:00
University Managed Housing: 19:20
17 Sep, 2018


We have so much stacked into Monday!

All day at the Students’ Union, we have ice cream vans, inflatables, games consoles & much more!

We will be hosting our big showcase so you can find out about & try out all the great Sports & Societies we have a York St John! Head down anytime from 11am with your new housemates for some laughs!


It’s time to launch your official club nights with your official Monday night at Kuda! Grab your red & white stripes, head to the SU for a pre-drink & join the walking bus at 10.30pm!
18 Sep, 2018


Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, the Vintage Fair is no longer going ahead on Tuesday 18th September, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We are hosting a Quidditch tournament for all you Harry Potter fans – it’s your chance to shine and catch that Golden Snitch! Come down and join in the fun outside the SU building. Bring yourself along to watch, enter on the day or if you’ve got 6 new friends, you can enter a team of 7 to join the tournament! All are welcome!


It’s time to launch our official Tuesday night, the big fat pub quiz! Every single week we pack out the Students’ Union and get ready to give out some phenomenal free prizes. We have free meals, cash prizes, rounds of drinks & a whole bunch more on offer. Grab your team and head down for 7pm to enter.

Fancy another party?! If you aren’t ready for a break yet, we have got the hook up! For a special Freshers one off, YSJSU will be taking over Vodka Revs for a Ibiza Club and Old School R&B night, featuring your dancing shoes, and get ready to get down! Again, we will have a walking bus from the SU to make sure you get their safe!
19 Sep, 2018


We promise you, you will have NEVER experienced anything quite like this! A full day event, running from 10am till 4pm in Foss Sports Hall, it’s your one stop shop for everything you need for life at University!

The room will be full of local businesses, bars, clubs, gyms, restaurants, charities, university support departments, all of the sports teams & societies and of course all of us at the Students’ Union, all ready to say hi, let you know what they can offer, and give you plenty of freebies!

Over the past few years we have seen people walk away with free Nandos meals, slice upon slice of Domino’s pizza, free cinema tickets & having signed up for plenty of taster sessions.

Alongside Fresher’s Fair, we will also be hosting the first of a few days of poster sales, to make sure you can brighten up your new room! There will be a wide range of styles and sizes for you to grab, so make sure you check them out whilst you are in the queue for Freshers Fair!


Frathouse is the second of your weekly club nights, this time being hosted at Fibbers Nightclub! It is the place where our Sports teams celebrate wins and commiserate losses, as well as being the ultimate party to end your weekly hump day!

Head down to the SU from 7pm for the pre-party, then jump on the walking bus at 10.30pm to make your way to the club!
20 Sep, 2018


There is so much to see, do & try in York, so we highly recommend grabbing a couple of pals and having a look around! Not only should you familiarise yourself with all the stuff you are going to need, such as the closest supermarket to you & the best places to grab your study supplies, we also recommend checking out some of the best local sights.

All day today we will be hosting a big QR Code Hunt across campus, meaning not only will you definitely find your way round, but you will also be in the mix for some awesome prizes! Just head down to campus and hunt down the posters.


The best way to spend your Thursday night is at the SU! We will be hosting an international food fair, meaning you can grab a whole bunch of tasty treats, as well as couple of cold ones, all whilst enjoying some live music from our Bavarian band

Finally, Thursday sees the launch of our once a month Thursday night special, YSJSU Unplugged. If you are a budding comedian, spoken word poet, solo musician or can perform in any other way, head down from 7pm, jump on stage, and grab a free beer on us for the performance! Everyone else, come down and enjoy some of YSJ’s best talent!
21 Sep, 2018


A firm favourite of our Freshers week each year is the petting zoo! We will be bringing in a bunch of different animals, from creepy crawlies to the cutest of puppies! Head down to the SU from midday to get your fill of creature comforts.


The ultimate pre-party before the launch of our official Friday nights, the SU is going to be transformed into a UV lit, silent disco. Come down, grab a drink & pull on a set of headphones!

The last of our official weekly nights launches tonight at Salvation! Every Friday night we have Koh Samui, a party night resembling those held on the Thai island itself. There will be plenty more UV paint available, and a walking bus setting on from the SU at 10.30pm
22 Sep, 2018


During the day our campus will be full of the different emergency services, offering you the opportunity to meet and greet them, and ask any questions you have. We will have fire engines, rescue boats, ambulances and much more!

Also on during the day, giving you the opportunity to either sweat out some of the Freshers calories on the dance floor or stretch out and feel better about life, we have both Zumba and Yoga sessions.


Saturday is the biggest night of the YSJ week, and it is for two very good reasons! The first is karaoke, giving you the opportunity to blast out your all-time favourite tunes. The second… £1 Pints all night long!
23 Sep, 2018


Comicon is coming to YSJ, with a large selection of stalls offering games, comics, memorabilia and much more! Make sure you come down and check out everything on offer. Also as part of the day, we will have our historical re-enactment society doing demonstrations all day, as well as offering you the opportunity to try out larping.


The last night out of Freshers, and trust us, it’s the biggest and best yet! Over 1000 students, a full city wide bar crawl, various routes, all finishing with one MASSIVE party at Kuda. Your ticket will also be a T-Shirt you will need to wear, so grab yours from the SU now!

If you are all done with the partying, we have got you covered with a continuation of the comicon theme, and a marvel movie marathon! Head to the SU anytime from 4pm for some big screen action at the SU!

Freshers Playlist

Check out our Presidents ‘Get The Party Started’ Freshers Playlist!

Freshers pass

Your 2018/19 Freshers’ Pass is here! This year we are giving you a card which gives you access to masses of savings throughout Freshers’ week and beyond!

For only £20 you get the following:

    £1 a Pint Karaoke entry for the first semester - worth £22.00!
    Queue Jump and Guestlist Price all year round for all weekly official club nights at YSJ – worth over £150 for the year!
    Priority Entry to all Freshers Events
    Early Entry to Archie’s Day events
    WellU Gold Membership for the entire year

All this is worth nearly £200– ten times what you are paying!

There are limited numbers on offer so be sure to secure your pass now by using the button below!

Passes will be available to collect with a valid ID from the Students’ Union from Saturday 15th September at 10am.

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Get involved


Getting involved with Sport at YSJSU couldn’t be easier! We have a hold host of different sports for you to choose from; core sports such as Football, Netball, Hockey and Rugby as well less traditional sports such as Ultimate Frisbee, Squash and American Football. If you are interested in finding out more about Sport at YSJSU, want a full list of the all the Sports Clubs at YSJ or even some more information around how / when our Clubs compete? head over to our website, click on click on Student Opportunities and then Sport. As well as all the information on the SU website its worth heading over to Fresher’s Fair in Foss Sports Hall on Wednesday 19th September! All of our Sport Clubs will be there and it will give you a great chance to chat to the Club Captain and other committee members about what the Club is all about, at Fresher’s Fair you will also have the chance to sign up for (signing up is not a commitment to joining / paying) the Sports you want! The only tricky part, choosing which Clubs to sign up for! If you have any questions please contact Karl Swales ( or head to the Students’ Union Information Point.


If you fancy joining a Society at YSJ then look no further, we have a range of brilliant Societies for you to get involved with! We have five different categories for our Societies – Performance, Course Based, Lifestyle, Culture and Faith and Hobbies and Interests so there is SO much choice for everyone. Do you enjoy being on stage and fancy joining our Musical Production Society? Or if you are quite artistic then why not check out our Art and Design Society? Head to and head to ‘Student Opportunities’ – ‘Societies’ to find the full list of Societies and all the details you need. It’s also worth heading to Freshers Fair on Wednesday 19th September to meet all our Societies and chat about their plans for the year ahead - you can also sign up at Freshers Fair and find out any additional information you want to know! If you have any questions please contact Alice Bolton ( or head to the Students Union Information Point.

Raising and Giving

Here at YSJSU, we love to see our students get involved with Volunteering and RAG (Raising and Giving). Volunteering and Fundraising are great ways to connect with the community and also provide you with excellent skills to take forward in your future and pop on your CV! We have a range of Volunteering Opportunism both on campus and in the community, as well as promoting Micro Volunteering and also supporting students who are keen to take part in International Volunteering. Alongside this, our RAG Committee work incredibly hard to host events throughout the year to ensure we raise as much money for charity as possible and we encourage as many students as possible to join us with our Raising and Giving. If you have any questions regarding Volunteering or RAG, please contact Alice Bolton ( or head to the Students Union Information Point.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some of the highlights questions and the answers you need!

I’ve come to move in, but what do I do?

Firstly, welcome to YSJ! You’re about to begin the best years of your life. And to kick it all off, you move away from home and into (potentially) your first flat. So, what should you do? Well, on the day make sure you head to campus to collect your keys from Holgate. Once you have your keys and information you’ll be able to head to your accommodation site and get those full car boots unpacked. Over at the sites there will be a number of staff, volunteers and your Residential Student Advisor (RSA) ready to help unpack and settle you in, don’t be afraid to ask for help, it’s what we are there for.

I’m all settled, what’s next?

A big part of moving in is meeting new people. Why not knock on some doors and see who’s around. It’s a guarantee that you’ll all be as nervous as each other, but overcoming that first ‘hello’ is always the biggest step, once you’ve done that, you are on for a winner. In the evening the helpers from the Students’ Union will be back to bring you down to campus for your first experience of the social side of student life. You can find the full schedule of events on this site.

Something isn’t right with my accommodation, what shall I do?

Never fear, the university have a dedicated team for accommodation, you can contact them via e-mail or telephone at: Tel: 01904 876650 Additionally, each site has its own dedicated Porters team and RSAs so don’t hesitate to ask a question.

I need to enrol on my course, what shall I do?

You’ll have an e-mail from Student Records for your online enrolment, make sure this is completed. It’s needed for two big reasons. 1) to make sure you are registered on your programme, 2) to make sure you can receive payments from Student Finance. If you are on a course which requires a DBS and you haven’t received any confirmation, speak to Student Records or enquire at the main reception in Holgate. Once you’re enrolled you’ll receive your student ID, and you’re all set. You will be able to access Moodle, be signed in for lectures and access everything we have to offer at the Students’ Union all year round. The final stage of enrolment will be done at the main reception, and is scheduled on Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th September. Pop it in your diary. Please note: You must keep your Student ID with you when attending lectures/seminars/workshops to make sure you are signed in.

Q: Can I still buy a Fresher’s Pass and take part in Fresher’s Week, even if I’m not a Fresher?

A: Yes of course! All YSJ students are welcome to participate in any and all activities the SU provides.

Q: When does Freshers’ Week officially start?

A: Our welcome events start officially on Saturday 15th September – so once you’ve moved in, head down to the SU on campus to start making friends!

Q: What do I do if I’ve bought an unofficial ticket?

A: Every year we come across events on social media that claim to be official but are not related to YSJSU. The best way to avoid getting the wrong ticket is to follow our official channels on social media for updates and to only buy through our website here, or visit our Information Point. Opening times can be found here. All of our passes will have our logo on with our event details however if you have already bought an unofficial ticket, we suggest contacting the company direct. You can check out the Guardian’s article here.

Q: When do Freshers’ Passes go on sale?

A: They are on sale now – click the link to buy yours! They sell out fast so be sure to get yours whilst stock lasts.

Q: I don’t like nightclubs, is there anything else that I can attend?

A: Yes of course! We have plenty of events that suit everybody’s interests from Petting Zoos to Comicon to an International Food and Drink evening. You can check out our full event timetable on the site above!

I’ve not got a student bank account, any advice?

Banks will be waiting to lure you into their student accounts offering you attractive bonuses for joining their bank. Before you allow yourself to be lured into using a certain bank because of the student railcard they offer, or the attractive cash back promise, look into the small print. This may seem boring and tedious but you will save yourself being caught out later on. Here are some practical hints and tips: Look for a student account. These often offer free overdrafts and a bonus for signing up. Don’t be fickle, one bank might offer a more attractive bonus, but their scheme may not be as suitable for your needs. Look for an interest free overdraft, and think about the amount you may need. Will you be working to support yourself? Will your parents be supporting you? Look at the graduate schemes they run. If you have an overdraft, some banks start charging interest as soon as you’ve graduated, whereas others allow you a larger interest free overdraft for a couple of years, to give you time to get onto your feet, and pay it back without interest. Avoid credit cards; you don’t need that kind of additional debt. When opening the account, don’t immediately increase your overdraft to the maximum amount. Think about how you can be a good steward with money, And remember that the overdraft is not your money! Everything you spend from a loan or overdraft will need to be paid back. Think about making yourself accountable to someone in the area of finances. It’s worth taking note that for any financial worries, including budgets and bill payments, there is the Student Funding Team on hand to help and answer any queries. Just contact them at

I need to transfer from my local Doctor’s Surgery, where do I go?

While you’re on campus you will also be able to access registration to the onsite medical centre, this will be located in the Holgate dining hall which will be signposted on the day. The onsite centre is a part of the York Medical Group, this means that you can use any of the assigned surgeries, so don’t be disheartened if you can’t get an appointment on site.

I’m not sure where my lectures are, can you help?

Navigating around campus can be tough to start with, asking questions like ‘what does DG stand for?’ But campus is layered with floor stickers to highlight where each building is. There is also a campus map, and the guidebook app will be a useful tool when finding out where you need to be.

I’m a night owl and will work best in the evening, can I use the library?

The Library is open 24/7, but remember we all need rest, and we don’t advise holding an all-nighter. But if you do, remember to be well rested and hydrated to keep up a positive and successful attitude.

Q: How do I get home safely on a night time?

A: We advise all students to make sure they are safe on a night time. We run our Plan Safe, Drink Safe, Home Safe campaign throughout Freshers week to make sure you get the right tips to stay safe. You can check out our wellbeing page here for more advice! We have also teamed up with Streamline Taxis who run their Get Home Safe service – if you haven’t got your card or have ran out of cash, all you need to do is book a taxi with Streamline on 01904 656565 and have your YSJ Student card ready. The driver will hand this to head office and you can collect it and pay your bill the next day.

Q: I’m feeling homesick, is there someone I can talk to?

A: There are so many places you can go to talk or get advice on homesickness, anxiety or just difficult making friends. We have our wellbeing page here for you look at, our President of Wellbeing and Diversity Olivia Bowers who can be reached here. Alternatively you can seek various avenues through the university itself – click the link here to see what would best suit you!

Q: What is TOTUM?

A: TOTUM is the relaunch of NUS Extra, to include not just a card, but also a fully integrated app to give students an enhance experience and unrivalled value and a better lifestyle! If you are a first year at YSJ, you will be sent through a code from our University Accommodation tea where you can claim your free TOTUM card which lasts the year – valued at £12. Cards can also be purchased directly from our Information Point open weekday from 09.00-16.00.

Q: My NUS Extra card is still valid – will it work without the new branding?

A: Yes it will – any cards will work exactly the same until the expiration date has been reached. You do not need to purchase a new card until yours has run out (unless of course you like to new pink branding!)