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P-SU Blog | Sporting Achievement at YSJ

Find out a little more about some of the incredible individual sporting achievements at YSJSU!

P-E Blog | See you in two weeks!

Seeing as I'm going on my hollilols for 2 weeks (FYI I cannot WAIT!!), this week I thought I would use my blog post as a way to update you on all the work I'm doing!

P-E Blog | So… What Now?

Since finishing my course there's been one nagging question that I get constantly asked - 'so... what now?'

P-SU Blog | NUS: Lead and Change

Check out my latest blog post all NUS Lead & Change!

P-WD Blog | My time so far in YSJSU!

Check out my latest blog post all about my first month working in YSJSU!


Check out this blog to find out your presidents ultimate party starters & a little more about unlimited music on Spotify with NUS Extra!

Student Blog | Starting out at YSJ!

Check out our latest student blog all about starting out at York St John University…

Student Blog | Tips & Advice on Homesickness

Check out the latest edition of our Student Blog to grab some top tips on curing homesickness!

NUS Extra Summer | Wanderlust Wonders!

Check out this article to find out our favourite cinematic wonderlust wonders!

NUS Extra Summer | Summertime Vibes!

Top up those summertime vibes with our top 25 summertime tunes!