YSJSU News | Social Media

Sadly this #ArchiesDay, the twitter wall will not be up on the screens in the students’ Union. This is due to inappropriate usage on previous occasions and content being tweeted onto the screens that has been deemed offensive and/or discriminatory. As the Students’ Union, it’s part of our job to make sure that YSJ students are supported to conduct themselves, and are seen in the best way, and by having the twitter wall up in our SU we are seen to be condoning some of the tweets being sent out, which we do not. We strongly urge all students to remember that potentially others, including current and potential employers, can look you up on social media, so make sure your tweets are appropriate and can’t be taken the wrong way or make your twitter private!

The #ArchiesDay hashtag is still alive and kicking and you are still more than welcome to use it, it just won’t appear on our screens as we are unable to filter peoples tweets as we are not Twitter. However, do not fear as we are investigating bringing this back for the 2017 September Arrivals Week and 2017 Winter Archie’s Day and beyond with a text to screen scheme, therefore we can monitor the messages better and in fact enhance to social interaction that this technology brings.

A final word then to wish you all the very best celebrating the end of the academic year by joining us for a drink this coming Sunday. Have a wonderful last Archie’s Day of the 2016/17 year to everyone, especially the third years, it’s your last one, make it count!! #ArchiesDay #PlanSafeDrinkSafeHomeSafe