• Posted 5th December 2017 at 1:00pm
  • Elections

CoS Report | Psychological & Social Sciences


  • Election of 42 reps – reps were elected via an online form, rather than in lectures to encourage students to come forward which may not have felt confident enough to do so in large lectures
  • Thirteen reps were elected within first year social sciences – 3 of these reps were voted to be senior reps to support and lead the group
  • Participation in dissertation projects has been encouraged – through the use of SONA with psychology students; the SU is also currently working on a way for any dissertation student to advertise their projects to students across the university
  • Myself and psychology reps have influenced the review/revalidation process of the psychology degree

Semester 2

  • There are plans to work with Study Development to highlight what they offer to students within the school
  • Plans to follow up comments made by staff regarding student feedback and mid module feedback
  • Plans to encourage effective communication between staff and students
  • As courses within the school are fairly similar, I will continue to encourage the staff to reflect on how other courses within the school run, and to swap ideas

Any students with suggestions/questions can contact me via:

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  • Twitter: @ebony_leigh97
  • Email: ebony.collier@yorksj.ac.uk