YSJSU | Exclusive Student Storage Package

YSJSU | Exclusive Student Summer Storage Package

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We are excited to announce a provisional two week programme - WELLU

P-SU Blog | Sporting Achievement at YSJ

Find out a little more about some of the incredible individual sporting achievements at YSJSU!

P-E Blog | See you in two weeks!

Seeing as I'm going on my hollilols for 2 weeks (FYI I cannot WAIT!!), this week I thought I would use my blog post as a way to update you on all the work I'm doing!

YSJSU | WellU Activator Roles… We Need You!

  • 9th August 2017
  • SW5

We are excited to announce a number of exciting new WellU activator roles within the Sports and Activities Department.

YSJSU | The Student Recruitment Team Need You!

Check out how you could help welcome people to York St John's next open, whilst earning some serious amazon vouchers!

YSJSU | Performers… We Need You!

We have a brilliant exposure opportunity for all you budding musical performers coming up in August!

P-E Blog | So… What Now?

Since finishing my course there's been one nagging question that I get constantly asked - 'so... what now?'

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Check out my latest blog post all NUS Lead & Change!

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Check out my latest blog post all about my first month working in YSJSU!

P-E Blog | NUS Lead & Change

Check out the latest blog from your President of Education all about the NUS!


Check out this blog to find out your presidents ultimate party starters & a little more about unlimited music on Spotify with NUS Extra!

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Check out our latest student blog and find out how you could be heading to Nepal!

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Check out our latest student blog all about starting out at York St John University…

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Check out my most recent blog post all about my first impressions of working at YSJSU!

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Check out the first of many update blogs from your President George Coombs!