Here at York St John University, our societies have access to various facilities both on and off Campus. These facilities are in place so our societies have space to meet, rehearse, perform and host events. Check out some of these great facilities below;

Temple Hall
Located in the centre of York St John University Campus, Temple Hall is a great facility for Societies looking to host events, performances or have space for rehearsal / training. With a seating capacity of 240 and an adjoining foyer, it caters for large audiences and groups of students. Temple Hall is also equipped with media and audio visual facilities allowing Societies to access these if needed.

Fountains Lecture Theatre
Found within Fountains Learning Centre, the lecture theatre is another popular space booked by Societies. With a seating capacity of 180, the facility is great for larger meetings or events. Often used for AGMS, external speakers and events, Fountains Lecture Theatre is known to cater well for Societies.

Here at York St John, our Chapel is located on campus close to our on-site accommodation. In previous years, the Chapel has been very popular amongst societies such as Christian Union, Big Band and Musical Production Society. It is a great space to rehearse and perform, but also a large and peaceful building which can be used for worship and prayer.

Joseph Rowntree Theatre
Joseph Rowntree Theatre is one of our off-campus facilities on offer to Societies. Located on Haxby Road, Joseph Rowntree Theatre is around a 15 minute walk from York St John University Campus. The theatre has a 450 seater auditorium and is equipped with modern acoustics, lighting and heating systems. The facility is one which is very popular for hosting large performances. Musical Production Society has previously used Joseph Rowntree Theatre meaning they accommodate a larger audience. The theatre does need to be hired in advance, but we will work alongside Societies to enable them to be able to do this.

Rooms on Campus
Some Societies choose to book rooms around campus to meet as a group to share, discuss or practice a particular hobby or interest. Our Campus has various suitable rooms in buildings such as De Grey, Skell and Cordukes Building meaning there are plenty of options for our Societies. Room booking requests can be given to our Sports and Activities Team here at YSJSU and they will help accommodate your Society group as best as they can.

Theatres on Campus
Located on Campus within the Quad buildings, our theatres are regularly used by Societies who are interested in carrying out rehearsal for a performance. The theatres have a capacity of 30 meaning they are a great space for groups to meet and rehearse all together. Similarly to the room bookings, theatres can be booked on request by our Sports and Activities Team here at YSJSU.
If you have any questions regarding facilities or booking requests, please contact Alice Bolton (a.bolton@yorksj.ac.uk).



Student Media

Here at York St John, we love to showcase the amazing work our media based Societies do! Our media page can also be used as a way of Societies to share any blog posts they may have. Out media based Societies (Square One, Radio Society and Filmmaking Society) cater to students who have an interest in media and production and both have a focus on producing content for students.

Square One Magazine
Square One Magazine is the student magazine here at York St John. It is aimed to promote creativity within University and achieves this by being solely created by the students who are part of the Society. Square One Magazine is open to all students who wish to join, with membership providing the opportunity to be a part of the magazine production process.
Whether you are a writer, drawer, editor, designer or organiser – there will be space for you at Square One Magazine. Regular issues and updates are released every two months, and there are a variety of events planned throughout the academic year that you do not want to miss!

Radio Society
Radio Society broadcasts from 10am – 10pm every day. The radio station is an interest one which is ran by York St John students. Radio Society like to attend events such as annual dinners and Varsity as this gives them a good air time and is a great way of working with different Societies and Sport Clubs.
Find the contact details for Radio Society below;

Filmmaking Society
Filmmaking Society are keen to share their interest and skills with like-minded people in their Society. Filmmaking like to get involved with events around campus such as election week and annual dinners which is a great way of working alongside different Sports Clubs and Societies.