The Students Union can offer you a wide range of support and help with many of your housing issues. Whether you have chosen to live in Student Halls or private rented accommodation we can advise you on a variety of ways to make your move into your new home as easy as possible. Before moving in make sure check out the Student Community Guide for housing advice.

Download the York Student Community Guide

Hate chasing up your housemates for bill money, well why not use Split the Bills. Check out their website below!

Money Matters

As a Students’ Union we know money matters may sometimes be an issue for you as a student. If you don’t find the answer for your money matter on this page, don’t suffer in silence. Pop along to the Students’ Union and speak to the staff to get further advice.

YSJ Student Funding Advice Team

We work very closely with the Student Funding Advice Team who are based in Student Services.


They are available to provide advice and guidance on all aspects of student funding including loans, grants, bursaries etc. They oversee the administration of the Universities hardship fund and provide students who are struggling financially with access to a Food Bank. We work together throughout the year to offer a wide range of campaigns to raise awareness of why budgeting and being money savvy is so important as well as on areas such as debt and how to avoid it.


You can book an appointment with the Student Funding Advice Team by visiting the Student Advice Desk, in the main Holgate building, next the University Reception. Advice and information is also available over the phone and via email.


To learn more about how the Student Funding Advice Team might be able to help you, click here



T: 01904 876939

E: fundingadvice@yorksj.ac.uk

Visit: Desk in Holgate,

Monday & Friday 10.00am - 12.00pm

Tuesday & Thursday 2.00pm - 4.00pm

Along with support available from the Student Funding Advice Team, York St John Students also have the opportunity to apply for a SPARK Scholarship to support them in study. To find out more about available scholarships, whether you might be eligible, and how to apply, please click here

Hate Crime

York is one of the safer student cities in the UK, but hate crime happens, as it does in all parts of the country. In rare cases, students and staff might meet people who use words or actions against them because they have a particular identity.

If this is because of race, religion or belief, gender identity, disability, sexual orientation, then this is a hate crime or hate incident. This often happens because of prejudice or ignorance. If left unchallenged, this may result in further acts of intimidation or violence, against yourself or others.

If you have experienced or witnessed a hate incident or crime, report it.

It is very important that hate incidents are reported so that the Police get a picture of what is happening and can take targeted action. Citizen Advice has a good explanation about hate incidents and crime.

The Police want to know about incidents regardless of whether they are a crime or not. The Police will log the incident and take further steps, if required.
However, if you do not wish to report to the Police, then you can report to Stop Hate UK. It does not matter if the ‘characteristic’ is real or perceived.
If it is not an emergency, students can come to discuss their options with either the Welfare Adviser or International Student Support Adviser who are based in Holgate Student Centre. They will give students a confidential space to discuss their situation and offer information, advice and guidance on reporting incidents should they wish to. We would encourage students and staff who witness or hear about hate incidents, to inform our Welfare Adviser or International Student Support Adviser. This will help us keep a close watch on hate crime related incidents in our community. On receiving this information, they can liaise with our Police Community Support Officer, Naomi Harris, and the local Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team. Staff can speak to a member of the Dignity and Respect Network.
If you would rather speak to an external person, a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) is available to listen to you. They can offer information and advice. They can also support you to report but they cannot take a statement. Visit the Student Advice Team to find out about the next drop-in session.

For more info on reporting incidents or supporting victims, head to University website.


Plan Safe, Drink Safe, Home Safe

‘Our Plan Safe, Drink Safe, Home Safe campaign is run every year to promote to student’s that you can still have fun whilst being safe. We promote this campaign by handing out free food and water at events centred around drinking such as nightclubs and the Students’ Union. Our main aim is to ensure that students are aware of the safety measures in place to ensure they get home safe.

River Safety

River safety throughout the past couple of years has been one of our main focuses for York as a city. As a Students’ Union we have worked particularly closely with The Royal Life Saving Society to promote the importance of river safety.

Personal Safety

If you’re having any personal issues and you are wanting someone to talk to you can come to the Students’ Union and speak to your Welfare and Diversity Officer, Annie Severn or alternatively the Wellbeing team have drop in sessions.

They also have an advice section on their website if you would prefer:  http://www.yorksj.ac.uk/student-services/student-services/health-and-wellbeing/worried-about-yourself.aspx

If you are wanting some assistance with a domestic issue, bereavement of someone you love, mental health illnesses or any other issues; you can contact the wellbeing team on: wellbeing@yorksj.ac.uk


The Personal Attack Alarm is small and compact and can fit onto your keys or on your bag for a night out.

They are 130db so are pretty loud and will raise attention if set off, but not to be used and abused messing around.

If you feel like you require a personal attack alarm for any reason please e-mail Annie Severn your Welfare and Diversity Full Time Officer (vpwd@yorksj.ac.uk) or come into the Students’ Union during the day and ask at Reception, open until 4pm weekdays. They may also available from the Holgate Student Centre.

If you feel vulnerable at any point, try to stay calm and take some appropriate action. For example, try not to walk home alone in the dark and stay to busier areas. If you are in a situation where you feel at risk, try to make contact with someone without drawing too much attention to yourself; just texting a friend can help. The best way to empower yourself is to be aware of your surroundings, so keep aware of your surroundings.

Also there are a number of oppurtunities to learn some self-defence skills through YSJ Active self-defence classes which can be found Here

Property Safety

Night Safety – Taxi Schemes

'Pay Safe ‘n’ Stay Safe’, is a service that can help with assisting vulnerable/intoxicated/tired students walking home alone who have run out of cash and need to get home safely. Streamline Taxis operate a vulnerable persons’ service thereby if someone particularly a student who has run out of money can still get home safely and pay at a later time.

The way it works:

  • 1. You call or get picked up by streamline and you quote ‘Pay Safe ‘n’ Stay Safe’.
  • 2. You are then taken to destination of choice*
  • 3. Leave your student card as a deposit for your fare.
  • 4. Sign the receipt
  • 5. Pay at Streamline office within 48hours and pick up your card.

Lone Person Policy

Being out and about on a night can be great, unless you find yourself alone half way through the night! Whether you lose your friends, or just want to head home earlier/later than others in your group you can get home safe. Ring the Streamline Taxi’s (01904 656565), and inform the call service operator that you are a lone York St John Student. This will then put you at the top of the waiting list for taxi’s, and you will become the priority for Streamline taxi’s. Hopefully this will reduce your waiting time, and get you home safe and sound.

Text Service – Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students Only

Due to the conditions of Streamlines service, this is unfortunately only available for Deaf/ Hard of Hearing students of YSJ. Through the introduction of this policy, students are now able to send text requests for taxi pick-ups, instead of the traditional calling. This is a specialist service, to request the details and specified contact number, contact:vpwd@yorksj.ac.uk.

Stay Safe Online

Here are some top tips when thinking about your online safety:

  • 1. When was the last time you checked your privacy settings? Remember you are in control of what you want to share online.
  • 2. Check-in to a lot of places? Be careful about who can see your movements. Getting in to a routine or highlighting that you are going to be out of your property for a few days might give an opportune thief the ability to check out what you have….
  • 3. What personal details do you have online? Name, address, phone number, date of birth, email, relationship status? A combination of these can be used to apply for credit in your name.
  • 4. Be careful who you befriend. Do you really have 541 close friends? If you don’t know them-don’t add them.
  • 5. Assume that everything you put on a social networking site is permanent. Content that you put on your social networks can be stored and shared at a later date. Make sure yours doesn’t come back to haunt you!
  • 6. Never post comments that are abusive or may cause offence to either individuals or groups of society. You are not outside of the law posting comments online.
  • 7. Third-party applications (games etc) are becoming more and more common, however, are you aware of the information they can gather from your profile? Be cautious when allowing applications to access your personal details.
  • 8. Think about how many social media presences you have online- regardless of your use of them, your details are stored online. If you are not using a site anymore, make sure to deactivate.
  • 9. Don’t become an internet troll. It is easier than ever to get in touch with celebrities and sports stars, but this doesn’t mean you have the right to send them abusive comments.
  • 10. If you are experiencing harassment or bullying online make sure you report it. Block the user and contact the Student Advice Team in Holgate who will be able to offer advice and support.

Safe Sex

At University, we appreciate everyone is an adult. That means that whatever you chose to do with your time outside of the lecture hall is down to you, all we ask is that you play safe. For any support or advice on any sexual health issues, contact the nurses based at the onsite Student Health Center. Through the Student Health Center and the Students’ Union you will also be able to pick up your FREE CONDOMS AND CONFIDENTIAL CHLAMYDIA TESTS. You can collect these from the Students’ Union reception. They are also available from the onsite Student Health Center, based next to the Lord Mayors walk accommodation.

For any further assistance in sexual health matters, the nearest sexual health clinic is the Yorclinic which is based next door to Monkgate doctors surgery. For full info and details of opening times, please see http://www.yorsexualhealth.org.uk/