The Staff team at York St John Students’ Union are here to support the Sabbatical Officers and other elected representatives in delivering the Strategic Plan of the Students’ Union and continually enhancing the student experience at York St John University. Whatever your enquiry might be, the likelihood is that there is a member of the Students’ Union staff team that will be able to help, and if not then we’ll know where you can find the help you need. All the Students’ Union staff live and work to the Students’ Union values. The staff team are all times INCLUSIVE and ensure what they are doing does not offend or isolate anyone; they are always REPRESENTATIVE of the best interests of the members of the Students’ Union and are ENGAGING with the members to make sure we are in touch with them to ensure we can be SUPPORTIVE throughout their journey at University; finally, the staff team are always having FUN because that means you’ll be enjoying working for the Students’ Union!

Membership Engagement

The Membership Engagement department is responsible for ensuring all students at YSJU are included and given opportunities to broaden themselves and their experience whilst studying for the duration of their degree; so whether you’re a course rep, standing in an election, a part of Senate or involved in a number of our other activities, we are here to work with you to give you the ‘exceptional experience’ we strive to provide at YSJSU.

Louise Aiken Membership Engagement Manager

Please contact me if you any questions regarding our democracy and what being a member of the Students’ Union means to you. I would love to hear from you if you want to make a change, start a campaign or get involved in any of the varied activities we offer.

Paul Murtough Representation and Democracy Coordinator

I am the organiser of the Course Rep system, taking charge of training, organisation of zones and accreditation. I also lead the democratic processes within the students’ union, such as Senate and the annual elections.
You should contact me if you require any information about Reps. You can also contact me regarding appeals/complaints and any questions regarding the annual elections process.


Student Activities

The Sports and Activities Department is here to support all Sports and Activities at YSJSU with the aim of giving every student the opportunity to participate at every level with the maximum student satisfaction. With a wide range programme ranging from participation to performance and partnership with key stakeholders we pride ourselves in been inclusive to all, helping students to settle into University life while giving them opportunities to enhance their career prospects.

Matthew Walton Sports & Activities Manager

As the Sports and Activities Manager I am required to lead, manage and develop the delivery of new and on-going sport, activity and events with the aim of widening participation, increasing performance and accumulating engagement of the student membership. Student’s or Staff may wish to contact me regarding the Sport and Activity Strategy while any other Sport and Activity related issues would be reported to me or any of the Sports and Activities staff within the Student’s Union.

Karl Swales Sports Coordinator

My role focuses on providing high level coordination and development support to YSJSU Sports Clubs. I am also responsible for the duties and tasks behind hosting and participating in BUCS as well as Community and National Sport Leagues. Students should contact me if they are interested in entering BUCS (as a team or individual), wish to start a new Sport Club or have any questions regarding existing Sport Clubs at YSJSU.

Vickky Firth Society Co-ordinator

I am responsible for the development and coordination of the societies we have at YSJ. My role gives societies the support they need to develop and grow over the academic year. As the role is a new full time one I aim to increase participation within the societies, to ensure all members are fully engaged and thoroughly enjoy their time as part of a society. Students should contact me if they are interested in starting a new society or have any questions regarding existing societies at YSJSU.

Operations & Events

The Operations & Events Team oversees all aspects of running the Venue and the Bar as well as Developing our Website, Marketing appropriate content to our Students and running a well-balanced Events Programme for drinkers and non-drinkers alike with varied Events to appeal to a wide and diverse audience. We employ the majority of Part Time Student staff who are also here to help you have a great time at YSJSU.

Dave Tait Operations & Events Manager

I’m here to ensure the smooth operation of the Bar / Security and Events team, I also oversee any and all Operational issues the Students' Union needs. My job entails making sure we are stocking products in line with what students want as well as making sure we’re charging the right prices. I’m responsible for recruiting the majority of the Students’ Union Part-Time Staff and making sure we have the right staff to look after you.

Harriet Stainton Events and Venue Coordinator

My role is brand new to the SU this year to help organise, coordinate and run all events at the SU. If you or your society are planning an event, from birthday parties to fundraisers, a gig to an end of year event; it is my job to make sure you have everything you need. Get in touch with your ideas and I can help make them happen!

Matt Allton Marketing & Communications Co-ordinator

My role is split between all areas of communications within the SU, whether that is us communicating with the student body, facilitating the student voice or working with external companies. Utilising Social Media, our Website, Graphic Design and other media tools, I do all I can to ensure that we are clear and easily approachable Union.

Harriet Hepton Graphic Design Graduate Intern

My role is brand new to the SU this year to help design and produce marketing for all areas of the Union including campaign, advertisements and information literature. I also work with small & medium local businesses to help them create marketing materials to promote themselves.

Aidan Laycock Website Developer

As the Website Developer, I oversee the development of our new site and the systems within it, so if you find an error or if you think of something you’d like to see on the site then drop me an email.


Central Services

The Central Services of the Students’ Union are the individuals that provide support and input across the other departments of the organisation. Typically the roles of the individuals within the Central Services are predominantly financial and human resources related. The work of the Central Services Team is key to supporting and enabling the front line work and activities of the other departments, and whilst students may not interact with these individuals as often of Union staff in other departments, they are also in the background supporting the work of the Students’ Union.

David Green Finance Manager

As finance manager I am responsible for the financial reporting of the Students' Union and to ensure compliance with the law and the Students' Union's policy.
The finance department is the custodian of all clubs and societieis funding and any cash depoisits or withdrawls can be performed via the finance department. You can also request financial information on your Sport or Society.

Janet Greaves Finance Administrator

Janet provides support to the Finance Manager with the day-to-day operations of the finance department, offering administrative support and general financial advice to staff and Activity members.

Vidhya Gupta Human Resources Coordinator

As a Human Resource Coordinator I provide a comprehensive and professional Human Resource service. My main areas of responsibility is to oversee and assist in a full range of Human Resource duties including recruitment, processing appointments, administer and maintain HR documents and dealing will enquiries.

Christopher Duff Information Point Administrator

My role is brand new to the SU this year as a physical point for any student questions on services, events and opportunities. Alongside this I will be assisting sports and societies treasuries for withdrawing money to their retrospective communities. As well as this, I will be acting as the shopkeeper for any York St John University branded clothing and stationary.

Chris Bateman CEO

I provide continuity in the management of the Students’ Union’s commercial, physical, financial and human resources in accordance with Students’ Union policy. I provide advice and support to elected officers on all aspects of the Students’ Union but particularly in relation to statutory, constitutional or contractual constraints on their powers of office, and on decisions which are likely to have long term implications beyond their term of office.
I have overall responsibility for developing high level strategies, and leading and inspiring a permanent staff team of 15 people, three full time elected student officers, and a student staff team of over 50 casual staff. Through the development of departmental annual operating plans I ensure that all individuals are focused on the delivery of the Students’ Union strategic plan.