What is an Academic rep?

It’s simple, to become a rep, just stand in the class election; these are usually held in the first semester (around welcome week to start).

We usually ask for 2-5 students depending on the size of the class, so don’t worry or put off if other people stand – the more the merrier.

How do I find my rep?

Having trouble? Contact your President of Education Steph Foxton – s.foxton@yorksj.ac.uk, or Paul Murtough, Representation and Democracy Coordinator @ P.Murtough@yorksj.ac.uk

Do I get paid?

There are a lot of ‘boring statistics’ as to why we don’t pay reps. BUT what we do offer is a great range of benefits. From handbooks, to USB sticks, lanyards to post-it notes. (What else could you want, we all love free stuff!) Being an Academic Rep is also a brilliant CV builder as it shows future employers that you are a team player and get involved.

This year, we will also accredit reps through the H.E.A.R (Higher Education Achievement Report); a new recognition scheme to YSJ. For every activity completed, you will gain a number of credits (similar to marks in a module) these credits will then appear as an addition to your final year transcript, showing all the great extra-curricular activity you have taken part in, as well as making you stand out from the crowd to potential employers.

To find out more about the H.E.A.R head to www.yorksj.ac.uk or contact your President of Education Steph Foxton – s.foxton@yorksj.ac.uk. We also accredit reps in our own method, which is levelled at Bronze, Silver or Gold; then at the end of the year, reps are presented with certificates, as well as being given the opportunity to be nominated for an award at our annual student awards dinner.

Click Here for our Academic rep handbook, which has a range of useful information for Academic reps and students.