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YSJSUHow to Vote

Vote Online!

Coming up is your opportunity to vote in the annual elections for YSJSU. As a student body, you will decide on Who will be the next group of Presidents, Chairs of School and the NUS Delegate. The power rests with you and from Tuesday 21st February – Friday 24th By simply logging into the SU website and heading to
You’ll be able to have that all important say. To login just remember it’s your whole e-mail address ending ‘’ and your network password i.e. Moodle password

STV (The Voting System)

When you vote, you will use STV Or ‘Single Transferrable Vote’ to Choose your successful candidates. This means that in each election You cast a vote in, you will be voting in order of preference ranking ‘1’ as your first choice ‘2’ As second and so on… Don’t forget RON though – our Silent partner in elections standing For ‘Reopen Nominations’ if you don’t believe in any of The candidates you can put RON As your 1st choice, or any choice in The ranking.

Voting Stands

We will have a number of stands where staff will be present with Ipads to allow you to vote. We will also be roaming about campus, so if you see us come and vote!

Having Problems voting?

No problem, just contact Paul Murtough, Representation & Democracy Coordinator @ or drop in and Speak to our Information Point team!

YSJSUElection News

Elections | Pres of Education Candidates!

Elections | Pres of Education Candidates!

Elections | Wellbeing & Diversity Candidates

Elections | Pres of Wellbeing & Diversity - Candidates!

Elections | President of the SU - Candidates!

Elections | President of the SU - Candidates!

Elections 2017 | COS Nomination Extension

Elections 2017 | COS Nomination Extension

Election Statistics

Total Voters


Voter Percentage


Undergraduate: 14%
Postgraduate: 2%

Sports Team Turnout

Societies turnout

Course Representative turnout

School Turnout %

Year Turnout %

Top 5 Course turnout

BA(Hons) Fine Arts PT 50%
BA(Hons) Music FT 41%
MA Theatre and Performance FT 33%
MA Theatre and Performance PT 33%
BA(Hons) Sport Studies FT 31%

Top 5 Sports turnout

Cheerleading :- 69%
Hockey :- 56%
Ultimate Frisbee :- 50%
Badminton :- 49%
Men's Rugby Union :- 47%

Top 5 Societies turnout

SSAGO:- 100%
Tea Society:- 100%
Square One Magazine:- 67%
Big Band:- 53%
Super Human Society:- 50%

Elections Timeline

  • Tuesday 21/02/2017

    Voting Open:

    Tuesday 21st Feb @ 10am

    Voting opens so head over to /Vote to cast your vote now!

  • Wednesday 22/02/2017

    Candidate Fair:

    Wednesday 22nd Feb @ 10am

    We're running a candidate fair, to give you a chance to talk to your candidates 1-2-1 and to ask them about their manifestos in-depth!

  • Friday 24/02/2017

    Voting Closes:

    Friday 24th Feb @ 12Noon

    Voting closes and the counting begins! Make sure to get your vote in before noon to have your say!

  • Friday 24/02/2017

    Elections Results:

    Friday 24th Feb @ 7:30pm in SU Coffee Lounge

    Voting is closed, the counting is done and we need to announce the new Executive team for 2017/18! Get down to the Students' Union to see who has won.